This video documents our trip to St Austell, including visiting various memorials, St Levan’s chapel and Penrice House.

Note: the video attributes the line “Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori” to Wilfred Owen, but it was originally used by the Roman poet Horace.


We have also created a slideshow of some of these images, so that they can be seen in more detail.

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As part of our assessment, we created a presentation about our research process and findings, which you can view online.

Comrades Remembering Richard

Aswell as these more recent forms of remembering Richard, it may be of interest to look at the comments that his fellow soldiers made shortly after his death (these can be found in the last pages of the diary transcript, held in the CRO.)

“He was one of the best and most thorough officers in the Battalion, and I am much lost without his services ” (Colonel).

“He was a very great loss to me: we had been together in the Company since coming out ” (Fellow Officer).

“A very considerate and capable officer ” (Lance-Sergeant).

“We did everything in our power to bring him back to life, as we loved him so much, and he was an example to us all of the most wonderful bravery and unselfishness ” (Stretcher-bearer).